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Co-ordinate Measurement Machine


Coordinate Measuring Machine (C.M.M.) Measurement 

Coordinate Measuring Machines are intricate measurement tools that incorporate a number of different measurement techniques in order to simplify a measuring process. C.M.M.ís have started to replace traditional methods of inspection; as a result, gages, fixtures and manual inspection are no longer required to make difficult and precise measurements. The use of C.M.M.ís has helped to reduce both time and manpower that in previous times has dominated the inspection process. A coordinate measuring machine is a mechanical system that moves a probe to a determined set of coordinates on a piece of work to inspect the quality, repeatability and reproducibility of the product. The C.M.M. is able to measure and inspect parts along three separate axes: X, Y, and Z.  A C.M.M. has the capability of being manual controlled, CNC controlled and PC controlled.  

Possible Application of the Coordinate Measuring Machine: 

  • Dimensional measurement
  • Angularity
  • Concentration
  • Depth mapping
  • Shaft measurement
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Profile measurement
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance capabilities

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