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Grain Size Inspection  

ALU-Delta Testing 

Grain refinement and structure play a large role in the creation of castings that have maximized mechanical and physical properties. Therefore, it may be necessary to ensure that the grain structure of an aluminum alloy is maintained at an optimum level. One way to maintain an expectable grain structure is to perform an ALU-Delta test on an aluminum alloy. To ensure that a high level of quality assurance is maintained, it is sometimes practical to perform the ALU-Delta testing prior to the casting process, to determine if additions are required to refine the alloy. If the melting of the alloy is not maintained properly then it is possible that the elements within the alloy may lose some of their mechanical and physical characteristics. The results that are obtained from the ALU-Delta testing are compared to an industry standard cooling curve to determine if the melting process is producing proper grain refinement and structure for the specific alloy being cast.

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