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Pressure Testing aluminum castings


Pressure Testing Cast Aluminum

In many different industries, including the automotive industry, it is required that a product or casting have a tight seal in order to ensure a leak free product. The seal may be required to prevent the intrusion of air / liquid into the casting or to ensure that a liquid is encapsulated completely inside.  To ensure that a product contains a tight seal, it may be imperative to perform a Pressure Testing procedure. At Ramsden Manufacturing, the use of the “Bubble Test” is employed to ensure leak free castings. The Bubble Test occurs when a casting is pressurized with air and then submerged in a tank of identified liquid, usually water. An operator examines the submerged casting and looks for any bubbles that may escape from the casting. This process is designed to prevent casting defects from not only reaching a customer but also to prevent any castings that may contain a casting defect from reaching any kind of assembly or production line.

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