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Radiographic Inspection (X-Ray Inspection) 

Upon visual inspection it may be next to impossible to determine the continuity of a casting that is produced. A casting may seem to be free from any voids or defects on the surface but without physically destroying the casting, it may be difficult to detect any imperfections in an as-cast product. It is only after subsequent machining and fabrication that defects are encountered. Therefore, it may be important to have a method of inspection that can find any sub-surface defects - one such method is Radiographic inspection. In Radiographic inspection a powerful x-ray unit is used to penetrate past the surface of the casting. A suitably sized piece of film is put underneath the casting and x-rays are put through a diaphragm and directed into the casting. The x-rays make their way through the casting and on to the film. If any discontinuities are in the casting, the developed film will indicate a lighter or darker section.

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