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aluminum permanent mold castingsAll successful aluminum casting applications begin with careful consideration of the product and manufacturing process. Turning your ideas into production castings using the most cost effective permanent mold techniques has made Ramsden Industries Limited an industry leader since 1946.

Early design and engineering consultation is the first step in a successful product launch and that's why close communication with clients enables Ramsden to form an effective partnership right from the start. The relationship is secured well in advance of the pre-production stage as engineering, design, quality, production and sales personnel are involved with the customer.

Variety and Versatility in our foundry allow us to operate in an efficient and delivery focused fashion. With numerous and various sized tilt-pour casting machines, a variety of station molding machines as well as a number of low pressure permanent mold machines, we can ensure that your shipments are delivered on time rather than being delayed, waiting for compatible molding equipment to become available.



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