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Cores and Shell Core Making

When implementing the Semi-Permanent Mold Casting process there are two types of cores that can be included into a mold to create a desired design of a casting: Sand Cores and Cast-In Inserts. A core is a piece of material that is placed in the mold to create internal cavities and passageways through and within a casting. A core can also be used to form an additional external section of a design in order to reduce the amount of draft created from any moulding process. As the metal enters the mold cavity, it surrounds the cores and creates an intended open space in the casting. Cores usually take the form of either a sand core or a cast-in metal insert.

The Sand Core process uses a chemically bonded sand to create a desired shape in a casting. The sand is heated in a core box, which allows for the chemical components in the sand to bond together and form the shape within the core box. The process of creating a sand core is quite similar to that of the creation of a sand casting mold. The benefit of using a sand core is that it is easily removed from the casting after production.

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