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Spectrographic Measurement 

The chemical composition of a metal can be an important and useful indicator of its mechanical and physical properties.  It is essential in the process of Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings to monitor and maintain an industry-determined standard for all aluminum alloys. By maintaining a predetermined standard, Permanent Mold Castings manufacturers can ensure that the as-cast properties of an aluminum alloy remain consistent.  

Baird Spectrometer 

The Baird Spectrometer measures the concentration of the elements within any specific aluminum alloy specimen. A spectrometer uses a technique called an atomic optical emission spectroscopy, which is a qualitative measurement of the optical emissions of an emitted light source. This technique includes making a small burn of alloy specimen using an electric spark. The subsequent intensity of the light produced is measured at specific wavelengths. The light that is emitted passes through the optical reading system of the spectrometer and it is separated into different wavelengths. Since every different material, when burned emits a different wavelength of light, the different wavelengths can be measured with a photomultiplier tube which converts the wavelength energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy is then processed by a computer and results in a percentage read out of the chemical analysis of the aluminum alloy sample. The data that is created is compared to a standard set of calibration data results of the specified alloy being used in order to develop a percent concentration of the sample elements.

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