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Vibratory Finish  

Throughout the process of casting and finishing any aluminum product, it is inevitable that the formation of burrs and sharp edges will result. These burrs and sharp edges can negatively impact the fit, form and function of the castings intended use during assembly or when parts are in service. Not only can burrs damage the function of a part but they can also be a physical hazard to operators and customers that handle the product. Therefore it may be necessary to remove any unwanted burrs that occur. Vibratory Finish is an excellent way to remove burrs on a casting. Vibratory Finishing consists of moving a part through a carefully selected non-abrasive media. The media impedes the surface of the casting resulting in any unnecessary burrs and sharp edges being removed. The non-abrasive media peens or pounds the edges and surface of the part.   

Some Advantages of Vibratory Finishing: 

  • Lightly de-burrs the edges of a casting
  • Produces little or no wear on the casting
  • No scratch patterns can be developed, as nothing is cutting the surface
  • Produces gentle radiuses on a casting
  • Polishes, de-scales, cleans and smoothens a casting’s surface
  • Produces a brighter surface finish

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